Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The wedding anniversary 날짜계산기 marks the date on which a couple got married. A couple can celebrate this day in many different ways, privately or publicly. Special anniversary celebrations are also given for certain milestones in a couple’s relationship. One popular way to commemorate this special day is by giving a special anniversary gift.


Ivory is a traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary. This precious material is made from elephant tusks. Giving an ivory gift is not only insensitive, but also supports the illegal ivory trade. Instead of giving ivory, consider giving an alternative gift instead. A gift made from ivory-nut palm is a sustainable, beautiful alternative. It is a hard, white nut that can be carved into jewelry and figurines. This palm is native to tropical America.

An elegant white-and-gold set can be a practical and beautiful anniversary gift. Alternatively, a classic cast-iron pan will do the trick. It may show some age discolouration, but a solid pan will stay in good condition for decades. Or, if your spouse loves to cook, an ivory Le Creuset collection is a wonderful choice. A classic fedora in ivory with grosgrain ribbon trim makes an elegant addition to any wardrobe. A matching pair of white gold earrings will add a stylish touch to your anniversary gift.

Ivory is a traditional wedding anniversary gift

Ivory is a traditional wedding anniversary present, especially for couples celebrating their 14th anniversary. Ivory is a rare and beautiful material that represents the fidelity and integrity of the marriage relationship between two people. It has a long history of being the wedding anniversary gift of choice, but its popularity has waned in recent decades due to the cost and cruelty involved in gathering ivory. Today, there are many sustainable alternatives to ivory that can still represent your love and devotion to your partner.

One great idea for ivory anniversary gifts is a ring or necklace made of ivory. These accessories are unique and will make your significant other feel extra special. For instance, an ivory ring will stand out if it is engraved with your partner’s initials, which is one way to show your love. Likewise, a gold heart necklace will make your spouse feel even more special. You can even find handmade ivory wedding rings and bracelets on Etsy.

Ruby is a traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift

While diamonds are the traditional anniversary gemstone, you could choose a more unique gemstone for your 15th anniversary gift. The red color of rubies represents passionate love and is associated with passion and energy. They are also a wonderful option if you want to gift something unique and special to your wife or husband.

A 15th wedding anniversary is a special occasion that should be celebrated in style. A beautiful gift for your wife or husband will be sure to show your appreciation. Roses are traditional anniversary flowers, and red roses are a classic choice. This anniversary flower also represents true passion and devotion. To celebrate, consider giving your wife a bouquet of 15 ruby red roses. In addition, a bottle of champagne and a bowl of ruby red strawberries will add to the romantic ambience of the occasion.

If your wife loves jewelry, diamonds are a great choice. These beautiful gemstones look beautiful on the face. You can even buy her a matching pendant if you wish to give her a gift that she’ll treasure forever. You can also give your wife a beautiful Swarovski crystal watch, with diamonds in the center.

Crystal is a traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift

If you want to give your wife or girlfriend a traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift, there are several options to choose from. First, you can choose to give her a crystal piece. It is a romantic, elegant gift that she can use in jewelry or in her home decor. Another classic gift is a rose. Roses symbolize love better than any other flower. Moreover, each colour of a rose has a special meaning. For example, a dark pink rose represents gratitude.

For couples who do not want to stick to tradition, they can opt for a more modern gift instead. Many modern couples opt for timepieces as 15th wedding anniversary gifts. Besides timepieces, many couples also give crystals as 15th wedding anniversary gifts. Regardless of what you choose, remember that the end goal is to give your partner something that is useful and meaningful to them.

Ivory is a traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift

If you are thinking of buying your wife or husband an anniversary present for their 25th wedding anniversary, ivory is one of the traditional options. This beautiful material represents both purity and fidelity. It can also signify the strength of your marriage. If your wife loves elephants, you can gift her with an ivory elephant calf contemporary sculpture, or an elephant scarf.

Another option for this traditional anniversary gift is jewelry made from prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory. These pieces are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. You can choose a necklace, bracelet, or earrings made from ivory from these majestic animals. The ivory used to make these items is approximately 10,000 to 200,000 years old, and comes from the same places where they were found – frozen permafrost in Alaska. The ivory’s natural colors remind the wearer of a long and arduous wait for its discovery.