The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy is a multi-sensory learning center that provides speech and language based academic programs, including a certified high school curriculum. Besides speech therapy, students also learn social skill training and learning therapy. In addition to the typical remedial services, regular enrichment classes augment the core curriculum.

One of the best parts of the program is the personalized attention students receive from teachers and administrators. Staff members care a great deal about the success of each student and their academic achievement. This is reflected in the quality of the students, the amount of homework they receive, and the frequency of parent teacher conferences.

One of the most important factors to consider in choosing a speech school is the student’s needs. Some schools are not equipped to handle the needs of students with special needs, resulting in unnecessary pitfalls. It is therefore important to choose an institution that is both academically and functionally sound. To this end, the Speech Academy has a comprehensive list of qualifications and guidelines to ensure that its students have the opportunity to reach their full academic and social potential.

The Speech Academy offers an array of services in a variety of locations. These include in-home evaluations for children 2-18 in Pittsburgh, in-home evaluations for children in the Nepean Blue Mountains, and in-home evaluations for children in the Greater Philadelphia area. Other services include individualized speech and language therapy as well as occupational therapy and physical therapy. As part of the interdisciplinary team, a dedicated staff of highly skilled professionals can help children of all ages achieve their communication and developmental goals 스피치 학원.

Aside from the standard speech and language based academic program, The Speech Academy also provides two hours of speech intervention per day. To help parents and children with speech and language related concerns, the Academy also provides a variety of educational materials and information. Among its most popular programs are the aforementioned ones as well as the more advanced “Speech Academy Plus,” which provides an advanced curriculum with advanced techniques for the treatment of speech and language disorders. Additionally, the academy offers parents the opportunity to observe the school’s speech and language program in action.

Another interesting aspect of the Speech Academy is the school’s emphasis on the importance of learning the art of effective communication and fostering a positive communication environment. This is especially true of children with learning disabilities. Through a series of workshops, the Academy helps students master the skills necessary to communicate effectively with others and with their peers. With the proper instruction and support, children can achieve their communication and academic dreams.

There are many speech and language related educational institutions in the area, but the Speech Academy is by far the best. By focusing on the needs of each student and ensuring that the appropriate therapy is provided, the Academy makes sure that each student achieves their full potential. Having said that, the management team’s lack of fidelity in the quality of the programs and the care and concern shown for its students has left some parents with less than optimal results.