The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy is a school that specializes in speech and language therapy. The main aim of this nifty neophyte-friendly program is to help students who have communication impairments to improve their oral and written communication skills in order to achieve their academic and social goals. This is done by employing the Association Method and integrating regular enrichment classes into the curriculum to augment the core offerings. In other words, the academy is about speech and language, but also about the student 스피치 학원.

The program is run by a highly qualified speech-language pathologist. She studied at the University of Sydney where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in speech pathology. She has worked in private special education settings for over thirty years. Her passion for helping children translates to her work with the young and the old. It’s no wonder she’s been named a top 100 speech therapist in the country.

To date, she’s worked with hundreds of students and has earned numerous awards and accolades. One of her most prestigious awards is the ASPCA Excellence in Public Service Award. Aside from her day job, Mariam also enjoys spending time with her family. When she’s not busy promoting her career, she likes to spend her free time outdoors. However, her passion for helping others and her love of family is what keeps her going.

The Speech Academy offers two hours of daily speech intervention. Other services include an accredited high school curriculum, parent education, and formal professional development sessions for external agencies. Although the school has a few hiccups (i.e., the owner is not a fan of accrediting the most mediocre ad-hoc evaluators) the program is worth a look. The program has a handful of affable employees, most of whom seem to care about their students. At least one of them is willing to risk her life for her students.

The Speech Academy also has a knack for the trinity, i.e., a few of the other aforementioned emulations: the wackiest, the sexiest and the most entertaining. What’s more, the academy has a few snazzy facilities that make learning a fun and productive experience. Some of the facilities include a state-of-the-art, ADA compliant auditorium, a classroom with a video-game-themed art wall, and a multi-sensory learning center with several multi-sensory learning tools. As a result, the Academy’s students have some of the best experiences in the biz.

The best part about the program is that parents can observe the proceedings for free, allowing them to determine for themselves whether The Speech Academy is the right choice for their child. With the proper training, children can achieve their full potential in a safe and supportive environment. Souha isn’t just a speech therapist, she’s a parent who is not afraid to let her students know that she believes they can succeed in whatever they aspire to be. While some of the school’s management doesn’t appear to be particularly concerned with the well-being of its students, the staff are as caring as the students themselves.