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St. Mark Lutheran Church
Newsletter Item

Reader: 1-Sam Malone; 8-Mark Langenfeld; 15-Megan Thompson; 22-Mike Berry; 29-Helen Lohmeier

Communion Assistant: 1-Kathy Grabel; 8-Michelle Randecker; 15-Wende Pruden; 22-Rhonda Bramlett; 29-Brad Tuschhoff

Alcolyte: 8-Grace Morgan; 15-Gus Gonzales; 22-Grace Morgan; 29-Jacob Higgins

Ushers: 1-Mike Higgins & David Speidel; 8-Randy & Morgan Klug; 15-Tom Ludwig & Terry Pruden; 22-Kegan & Kenny Bramlett; 29-Fred Grabel & Mike Berry

Greeters: 1-Jean Cole & Gail Peart; 8-Ken & Ann Green; 15-John & Anastasia Gonzales; 22-Jonathan & Tammy Morgan; 29-Diane & Mike Higgins

Counters: 1-Fred & Kathy Grabel; 8-Ken & Ann Green; 15-Gail Peart & Wende Pruden; 22-Steve Hoffman & Margaret Waterman; 29-Mike & Nancy Berry

Altar Guild: Chris Ludwig

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