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St. Mark Lutheran Church
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Who We are as God's People at St. Mark

Our Mission...
    Through his life, death and resurrection our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ established the Church on earth. The Church established by Jesus is visible in its marks. His Church is comprised of ALL people called out of the world to live in God's kingdom established by the Cross and will be made complete on the day of resurrection. The Church of Christ is located around Word and Sacrament ministry in local congregations. As such, there is room for local congregations to express their understanding of the mission of the whole Church in unique ways. Our current expression of our mission which we understand in the context of Matthew 18:18-20 is as follows:
Celebrate God's Word and Respond to Human Needs

Our Vision...
    Our mission creates for us a vision of who and what we might become as a community of faith. By seeking to live out our whole lives as Christians, both as individuals and in community, we live in relationship to Jesus Christ who is the living head of the Church on earth. We believe we are living in a way that reflects our passion for the mission for the church expressed in our own unique way when we live as individuals and in community with the following vision of who and what we might become ever before us:
We love and celebrate our Christian Freedom, given through grace,
which empowers us to communicate the Word of God in dynamic ways.

Our Core Values...
    To accomplish our Mission and Vision and to acknowledge our appreciation, commitment and dedication to a joyful and meaningful Christian life that communicates and praises a clear understanding of God's mercy and grace, we seek to uphold these specific Core Values:

    God's dynamic Word is celebrated
    Responsiveness to human needs
    Accept and love one another
    Christ is our living savior present with us through his body and blood
    Encourage each other in our Christian fellowship

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