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Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study has decided that they like studying the sermon text each week. Over the last several years the Adult Class has studied the gospel lesson for each week from questions written and posted on the ELCA website. Sometimes these questions were relevant, sometimes not so much. Sometimes, I preach on the gospel lesson, sometimes not. They have decided that they would like to study the sermon text based on questions I will write each week for the Adult Class. I will write the questions based on thoughts and the exegesis I do in pre-paring the sermon each week. By translation issues, I mean things like relationship to other Bible verses, the kinds of examples I might use, and other considerations and ideas.

Here is an example of how the process of this study will work:

• Questions that apply to the sermon text will be delivered the Sunday prior to the date the sermon will be preached.
• The leader of Adult Bible Study will rotate each week on a voluntary basis.
• In addition to handing out questions in class, the questions for the following week will also be posted on the St. Mark website by the Sunday prior to the week the questions will be used in class, then in the sermon that week.
• The Adult Class begins at 9:00 AM sharp each Sunday. Of course, there are always one or two bleary eyed or haggled and hurried stragglers looking for coffee, if not a deep Bible study experience. The format of the class allows accommodation for those who drop in a little late or those who come unprepared. While those who participate are encouraged to be on time, this more casual format will accommodate a wider variety of participants.

If you have not participated in Adult Bible Study for a while please be encouraged to try again!!!

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